What is the Harrity Academy?

The Harrity Academy provides minority candidates with exclusive training and practice materials for drafting high-quality patent applications. The goal of this program is to help increase the number of diverse candidates applying to positions within Harrity and passing our Writing Sample Test (WST).

The Harrity Academy will provide eligible candidates with comprehensive training materials.  This program serves as a training course to help candidates draft a high-quality patent application.  Once the candidate has drafted their patent application, they will be given access to the published application that a Harrity attorney drafted so that they can compare their work against ours.  If you are willing put in the time, these training materials will improve your drafting skills and increase the chances that you pass our WST.

Why the Harrity Academy?

The Harrity Academy is a Diversity & Inclusion Program implemented to help rectify the disparity of race and gender in the legal field. To do so, we are providing tools and resources for success.

“We believe that the ‘practice of law’ is advanced by a more diverse legal team – with diversity of background, upbringing, education, and perspective comes quality legal innovation.” – John Harrity, Managing Partner

Our Diversity Mission is to promote and nurture a respectful, highly engaged, family friendly, and inclusive culture that values the diversity of our talented team with all types of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, skills/talents, and capabilities. The Harrity Academy is just one program we’ve implemented to promote this mission.

Enrolling in the Harrity Academy

To enroll, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You have a technical degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, or equivalent fields;
  2. You have or are obtaining a law degree;
  3. You have applied or are interested in applying for a career at Harrity;
  4. You are female and/or considered a minority in the legal field, pursuant to the Vault and Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) Guidelines [African-American/Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Alaska Native/American Indian, Asian, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Multiracial, Openly LGBTQ, and/or Individual with Disabilities]

7080 +

Patents Obtained Since Founding

2450 +

Applications Drafted Last 3 Years

1790 +

Applications Allowed Last 3 Years


Harrity USPTO Patent Cover


“The training videos were great for explaining the specific things that the firm wants to see in applications. Each firm has its own rules, preferences, and emphases and the training videos describe how to write in a way that will pass review at the firm.  After watching the videos, it was helpful to look through the Application Guide to see specific examples of how to implement the specific things described in the training videos.” – Bret T.

“I recommend that candidates watch the Training Videos and review the Application Guide and Practice Drafts multiple times.  These materials provide critical insight into the Harrity writing style and application structure – not just the “what” and the “how” but also the “why.”  I believe candidates that commit time to practice writing in the Harrity style will likely be successful their second time through the application process.” – McCord R.

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