Automated Portfolio Categorization: Transforming Patent Insight

Discover the Power of Clarity in Your Patent Portfolio

Do you truly know the depth of your patent portfolio?

Can your Chief IP Counsel instantly identify every patent you hold? Understanding the full scope of your assets is crucial in today’s competitive technology landscape. That’s where Harrity Patent Analytics steps in with our revolutionary Automated Portfolio Categorization system, trusted by leading Patent 300® companies.

Tailored to Your Technological Needs

Our cutting-edge system is designed to meticulously organize your patent portfolio, aligning it with the technologies that are pivotal to your business strategy. Say goodbye to the outdated, error-prone methods of manual categorization.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

With our system, you gain a comprehensive competitive analysis tool. It’s not just about knowing your patents; it’s about understanding who your real competitors are. Our technology enables you to pinpoint key players and innovators within your specific technology domain.

Dynamic, Flexible, and Real-Time Insights

Our Automated Portfolio Categorization system is a live, evolving entity. It adapts to the ever-changing technological landscape, ensuring you’re always equipped with the most current insights.

Interactive Digital Data Visualization

More than just numbers and names, our system offers interactive digital data visualization reports. These are not just reports; they are bespoke tools crafted to align with your unique business and practice needs, providing an intuitive and insightful view into your patent portfolio.

Harness the Power of Automation for Your Patent Strategy

With Harrity Patent Analytics, embark on a journey of discovery, strategy, and unparalleled insight. Let us transform how you see your patents.


Gap Analysis Reports

Competitive Analysis with Gap Analysis Reports

Harrity Analytics offers Gap Analysis Reports to help technology companies’ in-house counsel compare their patent portfolios against competitors. These reports reveal strengths, weaknesses, and competitors’ technological focus, providing crucial insights for staying ahead in the tech industry.

Custom Reports for Strategic Decision-Making

Our custom reports and dashboards allow for a detailed comparison of patent portfolios based on technology classifications. Useful for competitive benchmarking, portfolio management, and strategic filing, these reports support informed decision-making aligning with your company’s goals.

Versatile Insights for Business Decisions

Harrity Analytics’ reports are designed for use across various departments. They aid in avoiding patent infringement, preparing for litigation, and negotiating licenses, offering critical insights for business strategies in a competitive market.

Analytics Services At-A-Glance

Outside Counsel Analytics

Harrity Outside Counsel

Gain up-to-date insight into how your outside counsel are performing!  This report provides a detailed analysis of 30+ prosecution metrics that will help you make the tough decisions necessary to manage your patent practice.

Competitor Analytics

Harrity Competitor Benchmarking

Effortlessly compare your portfolio to competitors.  See how you stack against the competition and identify target areas for improved strategy.

Technology Landscape

Harrity Technology Landscape

Stay current on where your company and your competitors stand in a specific technology area, enabling you to make more intelligent decisions regarding portfolio management.

Portfolio Analytics

Harrity Portfolio Analytics

Stay ahead of the competition by learning more about your company’s patent portfolio and gain insight that will help you make strategic business decisions.  Request a detailed analytics report on your company today!

Cost & Budget Analytics

Harrity Cost Budget Report

Concerned about costs? Understand exactly where your budget is being spent during prosecution and maintenance in order to identify problem areas, reduce costs, and spend your budget more efficiently on what matters most.

Examiner Analytics


Developed at Harrity, is the world’s first community-based, decision-making tool for patent prosecution.  Patentprufer provides you with decision-making patent analytics to assist in making decisions at every stage of patent prosecution.  Use Patentprufer to leverage valuable information that other users have gained from first-hand experience working with patent examiners.  Patentprufer provides you with fast and convenient decision-making analytics to help you cut your patent prosecution costs.

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