Portfolio Analytics

At Harrity & Harrity, we help our clients analyze their patent portfolio in order to gain insight into their portfolio, develop strategies for growing their portfolio, identify areas for growth opportunity in their portfolio, and understand licensing opportunities.

Our Practice

  • Portfolio Strength Analysis
  • Claim Charting
  • Conducting Offensive and Defensive Patent Portfolio Analysis
  • Technology Landscapes
  • Portfolio Aging
  • CPC Breakdown Analysis
  • Patent Categorization and Classification

Competitor Analytics

Harrity & Harrity provides clients with analysis of competitor patent portfolios that enable our clients to better understand the competitive landscape.  We have developed proprietary databases and systems that enable our firm to generate unique reports that our clients use to gain insight into how they compare with their competitors in a whole host of different metrics, including:

  • Portfolio Size
  • Filing Trends
  • Global Mix
  • Technology Landscapes
  • Prosecution Performance
    • Allowance Rates
    • Examiner Interview Success Rates
    • Pre-Appeal Success Rates
    • Appeal Brief Success Rates
  • Examiner Statistics