Automated Patent Portfolio Categorization

Harrity Analytics provides data analysis for companies, law firms, and universities.

Our automated portfolio categorization system provides:​

  • Automated tagging of assets within patent portfolios.
  • Searchable repository of private and public patent assets.
  • Customizable interactive dashboard for portfolio visualization.


Technology Queries

  • Technology taxonomy is developed or provided. (Taxonomy may include hierarchical levels).
  • Queries including relevant key terminology and/or CPC classification codes are generated.

Automated Categorization

  • Patents and published applications are automatically tagged by technology query.

Reporting & Visualization

  • Categorized portfolio is visualized using interactive dashboards.

Benefits of Automated Categorization

Dynamic, Flexible, Living System – Eliminates manual categorization of large patent portfolios that include existing as well as newly issued/published documents.

Automated – Limits instances for human error and tagging bias.

Efficient – Tags thousands of documents in minutes.

Interactive Data Visualization – Customizes reports and dashboards to meet your business and practice needs.

Patent Categorization Lifecycle

Maintenance of the Categorized Portfolio

Maintenance involves ongoing taxonomy revision to capture changes in the portfolio such as shifts in strategic technology focus, business unit and departmental priority, and more.

Use Cases

Additional Analytics Services

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Portfolio Analytics

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Cost & Budget Analytics

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Examiner Analytics


Developed at Harrity, is the world’s first community-based, decision-making tool for patent prosecution.  Patentprufer provides you with decision-making patent analytics to assist in making decisions at every stage of patent prosecution.  Use Patentprufer to leverage valuable information that other users have gained from first-hand experience working with patent examiners.  Patentprufer provides you with fast and convenient decision-making analytics to help you cut your patent prosecution costs.

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