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Pathways to Patents

Learn why Intellectual Property (IP) law is so important to business and society. Hear advice from experts on what resources are available for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of IP law in the next “Pathways to Becoming a Patent Attorney” webinar, brought to you by Tim Wilson.

Tim Wilson is an intellectual property lawyer with strong patent litigation background. With a founded patent practice, Tim’s experience includes the development of the patent portfolio at SAS Institute, a major computer software company. Tim’s practice is focused on gaining market advantage through the strategic use of intellectual property and creating opportunities for diverse patent professionals. Tim additional serves as a Member of the Editorial Board for Intellectual Property Magazine.

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  • The connection between a STEM undergraduate degree and patent law from attorneys at leading companies.
  • Scholarship opportunities for students interested in patent and IP law.
  • Why patents are important to business and the economy.
  • Key differences between patent practice in technology and pharmaceuticals.


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