Harrity is fortunate to be in an industry that is minimally impacted by the devastation of COVID-19.  Our hearts go out to all of those who have lost their jobs, shuttered their businesses, and/or are struggling to make ends meet during this period of uncertainty. Accordingly, we have made the decision to temporarily reallocate our giving back initiative to help those suffering from the many adverse effects of this virus.

“As a result of the current pandemic, we have decided to pause our contributions to our partner charities and instead get our Harrity 4 Charity dollars out into the communities to help people who have been financially impacted by the coronavirus.” – John Harrity, Managing Partner.

If you are in the position to, please consider donating to one of the many organizations currently supporting COVID-19 relief, or offering to help someone you know in need. To get involved in Harrity 4 Charity’s current initiatives, please click below.


To date, Harrity 4 Charity has distributed thousands of dollars to families across the country in need of financial relief due to the devastating COVID-19 outbreak. These are some of their stories.
The Allegro Family
Upon receiving your generous donation we wanted to say a little thank you. Words cannot express how much comfort this has brought me at this crazy time. I am beyond grateful and the amount of anxiety that has lessened from you all is a gift I could have never thought we’d be the recipients of. I’m not good on camera, nor with words, but please know how thankful I am. I am able to not worry about how we’re going to get by.  You have provided a cushion for us as we prepare for the most uncertainty of this situation we are ALL going through. My kids shouldn’t have to worry. My goal is to make life as “normal” as possible for them as they’ve been through a world wind of changes as well.
Thank you again.
Nicole, Jackson, Josephine, and Brage

Deborah R.
To the Harrity and Harrity Family,
When I first opened your letter, I was confused; then surprised and deeply moved. As a woman over 65, living with a compromised immune system – batting both asthma and leukemia, I had to sadly give up my position as a nanny. My days are different and difficult now. I’m quarantined alone, with a happy but confused dog who wonders why I’m still home! Your gift enabled me to pay this month’s health insurance bill, order some groceries and medicine, and put money towards rent. I hope you all realize what a difference it makes to know that someone cares! I’m extremely thankful for your kindness and generosity.

The Marks Family
To the Harrity and Harrity Family,
We want to thank you so much for the check we received in the mail today. My sister in law works for you, Julie Swartz, and nominated us. We are relying on my teacher salary and my husband can’t get paid coaching gymnastics because of the COVID -19. He applied for unemployment on March 16th and we still have not received a check, so yours came at a well needed time!
Jill and Jake Marks and our 3 little kiddos, Ladron, Eliana, and Brinly

Doris L.
Dear Harrity and Harrity Family:
I acknowledge receipt of the monetary gift check that you sent me during this pandemic period and cannot thank you enough. It was very considerate of you and completely surprised me.  It made all the difference for me during these hard times.
Thank you again for your kindness and God Bless.

Erin B.
I would like to sincerely Thank the Harrity & Harrity law firm and your Harrity 4 Charity organization for the very generous gift that I received as part of your program supporting families and individuals that were affected from the COVID 19 pandemic.  Thank you so much for this generous gift!  I am a small business owner whose business was determined non-essential and was forced to close for an extended period, and I have still not received any of my unemployment pay from Washington state.  This crisis has affected many people and it’s companies and generosity like yours that is making a difference and keeping the hope alive for many individuals.  For an update my business has reopened and is doing well.  Thanks to generosity I was able to stay afloat and did not lose everything I had worked for.
Thank you again, your gift is much appreciated!


When Managing Partner John Harrity’s 17-year-old daughter Jorden suddenly fainted at home during the COVID pandemic and had to call 911, she got to thinking about the firemen and EMTs—like the ones who helped her out—who aren’t necessarily receiving as much attention as the hardworking medical teams at hospitals. With help from Harrity 4 Charity, Jorden did the research to determine which local fire station would respond to each of Harrity’s 58 employee’s homes in case of emergency, then coordinated pizza deliveries to say thanks for working on the frontlines. Many Harrity employees have offered to deliver the pizzas to their own local firestations, who were happy to take a photo.

Christian Bowersox, Burke Fire Station, VA
Julie Swartz and son, Evans City, PA
Firefighters in Chula Vista, CA
Dekalb County Fire Station No. 21, Brookhaven, GA
Eli Mazour, Cabin John Park Volunteer Fire Department, Cabin John, MD
Lauren Larson, Asheville, NC
James Olsen, Wilmington, Delaware, State Police
Samantha Fischer, Vienna Fire Department


Harrity 4 Charity has partnered with struggling restaurants across the country to provide redeemable meal vouchers distributed to hundreds of families in need by local food banks and community resource centers.

Teresa & Jojo
Teresa lost her job right before this the crisis began in our area. Jojo is Teresa’s disabled son.
We would like to truly thank you for our dinner meal voucher. My son truly enjoys Glory Days we use to come often for the weekly specials. Thank you for allowing me to have a free night without having to cook dinner. Thank you so much for this opportunity to enjoy our favorite foods once again.
Teresa and Jojo

Annie & Grandkids
Annie is single grandmother raising her four grandsons, ages 14, 13, 11 and 2.
“It was a blessing and I’m thankful … Just one day I didn’t have to worry about what I was going to cook because I‘m rushing out at six o’clock in the morning and maybe forget to take something out for dinner. The food was delicious and the kids enjoyed it, which really made my day.”

Elsa, Jose, & Sons
Jose and the couple’s youngest of four sons both contracted COVID-19. Jose and his eldest son were both furloughed as a result of the virus, leaving the family without income.
“Now that I’m home from work, I can see how exhausting it is for my mom to take care of my brothers,” shares their son, Erik, 19, an apprentice studying to be an electrician. “We had not left the house in a week when we received the vouchers and we were running low on food.  We were just very thankful that we were able to eat and that Mom didn’t have to cook for us that day.”

Manna Ministries, AL
Afraid that COVID isn’t going anywhere soon, donations like the one from Harrity 4 Charity’s COVID emergency fund are more important than ever.  “You betcha,” says Phyllis, a retired financial record keeper.  “The amount that Harrity gave us took us through three months of weekly food drive-throughs—You’re talking about feeding 1,500 families. And the public relations support provided by Harrity brought in three more sizable donations. We’re grateful.” – Executive Director Phyllis Harbin

JJs Retro Eatery, Union City, PA
JJ’s Retro Eatery, a family-run diner in Union City, PA, has been facing challenges due to COVID, & Docketing Specialist Julie Swartz went out of her way to get Harrity4Charity involved.
“We are struggling to survive day-to-day and we owe so much to Harrity for offering their help, along with a thank you to Julie, who has the most caring heart ever.” – Deb James, Owner

Phyllis Harbin of Manna Ministries