Jim Nuxoll specializes in drafting and preparing patent applications for our clients. Jim has over twenty-five years of experience in the semiconductor industry, including having served on Micron Technology’s patent committee.

A listed inventor on nine U.S. patents, Jim has experience drafting patent applications covering various aspects in the field of semiconductors.  These aspects include methods and systems drawn to semiconductor wafer fabrication, semiconductor wafer level testing, semiconductor wafer level packaging, multi-chip and system-in-package packaging semiconductor manufacturing tools, and memory system architecture.

Jim also has experience drafting patent applications related to telecommunications and various computing systems.  As examples, Jim has drafted patents related to antenna structures, Fifth-Generation New Radio (5GNR) protocols, user equipment interfaces, and thermal-control systems.

Although Jim specializes in drafting and preparing patent applications, Jim has extensive experience prosecuting patent applications in the U.S. as well as non-U.S. jurisdictions.  This experience lends itself to Jim including content in a patent application that stages the patent application for successful prosecution.

In his spare time, Jim is a volunteer for the First Tee of Idaho.




Phone: 571-432-0800

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Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University (1990)

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Gonzaga University (1988); Cum Laude Graduate