Hazel Jimenez is the Marketing Project Supervisor at Harrity. She has a passion for all things diversity, and is heavily involved with many committees at Harrity, including the diversity committee.

Hazel’s background is in web development and design, and digital media. Before joining Harrity, Hazel worked as an Assistant Project Manager at a commercial construction company while completing her degree at UCF.

Hazel enjoys spending her free-time with her two year old daughter Penelope and her close-knit family. She is a creative at heart and enjoys creating art in many different forms (digitally and organically). She loves to travel with her family, and can often be found on the west coast visiting her family back home in California. She is also an avid sports fan of all San Francisco teams (her hometown!).


University of Central Florida – Bachelor of Arts in Web Development and Design, Digital Media (2019)


Hazel Jimenez


Phone: 407-373-9119


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