The Harrity & Harrity 1L Diversity Fellowship is an integral part of the firm’s ongoing diversity initiative to recruit, retain, and advance attorneys who will contribute to the diversity of the firm’s practice.

The Harrity and Harrity 1L Diversity Fellowship is comprised of three parts:

• A paid summer associate clerkship position at Harrity and Harrity during the summer;
• Mentoring throughout the year by attorneys of the firm; and
• A $10,000 scholarship – Harrity & Harrity will award $5,000 to all 1L Diversity Fellowship recipients upon completion of their 1L summer associate clerkship with the firm; and award an additional $5,000 to those who join the firm as an associate, after receiving and accepting an associate offer with the firm following the completion of their 2L summer clerkship with us.


Imaran Hossain Full

Imran Hossain was chosen as the 2017 Harrity & Harrity Diversity Fellow. He received his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering From Boston University, and is currently a 1L student at Boston College Law School. He has experience volunteering with America Needs You, an organization that teaches inner city high school students career building skills and helps develop their professional networks. Imran will be joining us for his summer clerkship beginning in May 2017.


Charles Lee was chosen as the 2016 Harrity & Harrity Diversity Fellow. He earned both his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and is a Juris Doctor candidate at The American University Washington College of Law. Prior to beginning his Fellowship with Harrity & Harrity, he was a Patent Examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and a Data Scientist for a world leading IT consulting company.


We have chosen our 2018 Diversity Fellow. We will open the application for our 2019 Diversity Fellow in December 2018. 

Eligibility Requirements:
Candidates must be in good standing as a first-year law student at an ABA accredited law school; demonstrate a record of academic and professional achievement; contribute meaningfully to the diversity of the firm and legal community; and have a sincere interest in Harrity and Harrity and our practice area.

Fellowship Application Process:
Candidates must submit a completed application and personal statement, as well as their resume, undergraduate transcript (official or unofficial), legal writing sample, and a contact list of three references (one of whom must be a professional at an educational institution attended). Candidates will be asked to submit their first semester law school grades. Only complete applications will be considered.

Each recipient will be assigned an attorney mentor. Mentors will serve as a liaison between the student and the firm, and facilitate the student’s professional growth and learning. The mentoring relationship begins as soon as the recipients have been named and continues at least through the academic year. Students will meet with their mentors multiple times per year, in person when possible. Should the student receive and accept an offer to return for a second summer, the mentoring relationship would continue for another academic year.

A grant of $5,000 will be awarded in September of the recipient’s second year of law school. The grant can be used for expenses at the student’s discretion. An additional $5,000 will be offered to those who receive and accept an associate offer with the firm after the completion of their 2L summer clerkship with us.

Summer Clerkship:
Following the first year of law school, students are offered a paid summer associate clerkship position at the firm. These positions are part of Harrity and Harrity’s summer program, which runs from mid-May through July.