John Harrity Featured in Law 360 on Disrupting Law Firm Models

John Harrity interviews for Law360 Pulse On Disrupting Law Firm Models

Law360 reported that Harrity is disrupting the traditional law firm model with significant contributions in charitable giving, diversity in the profession, and the automation of legal tasks. Co-founder John Harrity said the firm is doing things differently from many others in the field and plans to continue disrupting industry norms. This includes a goal to offer attorneys, patent agents, and staff a four-day workweek with the help of automation.

Harrity has grown from 14 attorneys and patent agents in 2017 to 45 today, and attributes some of its success to high-profile charity and diversity programs, which aim to improve the representation of minority groups within patent law through free education, training, and ongoing resources.

During the past five years, Harrity has increased its own number of practitioners from underrepresented groups from 8% to 40%. John discusses the firm’s diversity programs, including the Minority Firm Incubator that helps women-owned and minority-owned patent law firms grow and fine-tune their practices; the Harrity Academy, which brings more people from underrepresented groups into patent law; and the Patent Pathways™ (501 (c)(3)) program that specifically brings Black women with technical degrees into the field.

“In a few years, we’re going to look back at this Patent Pathways program and say it was the most impactful diversity program ever created. So that’s a pretty big intro to a program you probably haven’t heard of yet,” John states.

Hear about these and other firm initiatives in this exclusive interview with Law360 Pulse. Read the full article HERE.

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