High Level Patent Portfolio Assessment Using Harrity’s Patent 300® Company Report

By Rocky Berndsen, Head of Analytics

Could a Glance at the Big Picture Reveal Secrets to Refining Your IP Strategy?

In the intricate world of intellectual property, IP counsel often find themselves deeply immersed in the minutiae of patents and portfolios. The challenge is real: staying afloat in a sea of detailed legal and technical complexities. But, what if the key to a breakthrough in patent strategy lies in a broader perspective? Could stepping back to observe high-level trends be the game-changer for assessing and enhancing your patent practice?

A Key to Unlock Patent Insights

Our Patent 300® Company Report is more than just a document; it’s a window to a world of strategic insights. With this report, IP counsel can transcend beyond the everyday details and gaze at the bigger picture. This high-level view offers a unique opportunity to understand the broader trends in patenting, helping you refine and realign your IP strategy effectively.

Exclusive Sample: NVIDIA Report

To give you a taste of what our report offers, we have attached a sample report for NVIDIA. This sample includes high-level patenting trends, detailed patent prosecution stats, insights into outside counsel costs, and a breakdown of technological focuses. It’s a glimpse into the kind of comprehensive analysis and strategic guidance that our full report offers.

Nvidia - 2024 Patent 300® Company Report

At Harrity, we believe in the power of perspective. It’s why we are excited to offer a unique tool that unlocks this very insight – the comprehensive portfolio report for companies on the distinguished Patent 300® List.


Your Guide to the Patent 300 Landscape

Are you curious to see who made it to this year’s Patent 300 List? We’ve got you covered. Visit HERE to discover the companies leading the charge in innovation and intellectual property.

Dive Deep into Patent Trends

The Patent 300® Company Report is not just about lists and numbers. It’s a deep dive into the world of patent trends, offering insights into patent prosecution statistics, technology breakdowns, and even metrics on outside counsel costs. This level of detail is invaluable in crafting a strategy that is not only responsive but also proactive in the face of evolving IP landscapes.

Download and Transform Your Approach

Ready to realign your IP strategy? Download your copy of the report HERE. Dive into the details, discover the trends, and start transforming your approach today. The insights you gain might just be the key to unlocking a more refined and effective IP strategy.