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Need help understanding the intricacies of your patent portfolio? Join the Patent 300® companies who rely on Harrity Patent Analytics services. We can help you better understand your own patent portfolio, competitor portfolios, and patent office trends around the world.  Our team uses cutting-edge analytics capabilities to parse out valuable details from the ocean of patent data and extract insights you can use to make strategic decisions regarding patent prosecution.

The Harrity Patent Analytics team of data scientists has over 20 years of experience in the patent field with JD, PhD, and MBA backgrounds.  Rely on us to find answers to questions you have about your own portfolio, questions about your competitors and their key technology areas, and gain valuable insight into the patent field.

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Speak to our team to find out how you can use our patent analytics services and tools to gain insight into your portfolio, your competitors, and the patent field.


Meet The

Harrity Analytics Team

Head of Harrity Analytics

“I love showing my clients how patent analytics can give them an edge in their patent practice, help them make more intelligent decisions in portfolio management, and understand their competitive landscape.”

Patent Data Analyst

“I love to solve the unsolvable problems!”

Patent Data Analyst

“Patent Data Analytics combines my love of technology analysis with data analysis. It is so very satisfying for me to dive into volumes of unclean, seemingly random data and extract meaning that becomes highly useful for our clients’ patenting, marketing, and overall business strategies.”

Patent 300® Dashboard

Just released in 2023!

Our new interactive Patent 300® Dashboard provides in-house counsel, law firm partners, c-suite executives, marketing professionals and others with a detailed analysis of the world’s current technology leaders.  Interact with data on over 1,000,000 patents and find the patent insights that you need for your patent portfolio analysis, including outside counsel analytics, patent prosecution statistics, technology area breakdowns, and portfolio cost and budget analytics.

Top Patent Firms List

Just released in 2023!

The Harrity Analytics Team has compiled a list of the top patent law firms of 2022.  Patent Firms were ranked by the total number of U.S. utility patents issued in 2022 where they were listed on the front of the patent certificate.  Included are patent firms that obtained at least 50 utility patents in 2022.


Portfolio Categorization

Does your Chief IP Counsel know what patents you have in your portfolio?  Do you know who the true competitors are in your key technology areas?  Find out why Patent 300® companies rely on Harrity Patent Analytics’ automated portfolio categorization system for their portfolios of thousands of patents.

We have developed a system that automatically categorizes your patent portfolio according to the technologies that are important to you.  Our system also provides the ability to perform competitive analysis of your competitors and can help you identify key players in your technology space.

Our portfolio categorization system is dynamic, flexible, and real-time, thereby eliminating the arduous and error-prone task of manually categorizing large patent portfolios.  Most importantly, Harrity Patent Analytics’ automated portfolio categorization system provides interactive digital data visualization reports that are customized to your business and practice needs.


Gap Analysis Reports

Do you have the ability to easily determine the strengths and weaknesses of any given patent portfolio? Do you want to see where your competitors are focusing their patenting from a technology perspective?

Harrity Analytics provides custom reports and dashboards that give you the ability to visualize patent portfolios side by side based on technology classifications.  Clients use these gap analysis reports for competitive benchmarking, whitespace analysis, portfolio management, strategic filing decisions, litigation analysis, licensing analysis, and more!


Patent Analytics Projects

Harrity Analytics is available to do custom patent analytics projects for your company, law firm or university!

If you have a data research project related to the patent law field, contact us today to see if we can help.

Additional Analytics Services

Outside Counsel Analytics

Harrity Outside Counsel

Gain up-to-date insight into how your outside counsel are performing!  This report provides a detailed analysis of 30+ prosecution metrics that will help you make the tough decisions necessary to manage your patent practice.

Competitor Analytics

Harrity Competitor Benchmarking

Effortlessly compare your portfolio to competitors.  See how you stack against the competition and identify target areas for improved strategy.

Technology Landscape

Harrity Technology Landscape

Stay current on where your company and your competitors stand in a specific technology area, enabling you to make more intelligent decisions regarding portfolio management.

Portfolio Analytics

Harrity Portfolio Analytics

Stay ahead of the competition by learning more about your company’s patent portfolio and gain insight that will help you make strategic business decisions.  Request a detailed analytics report on your company today!

Cost & Budget Analytics

Harrity Cost Budget Report

Concerned about costs? Understand exactly where your budget is being spent during prosecution and maintenance in order to identify problem areas, reduce costs, and spend your budget more efficiently on what matters most.

Examiner Analytics

Harrity Patentprufer.com

Developed at Harrity, Patentprufer.com is the world’s first community-based, decision-making tool for patent prosecution.  Patentprufer provides you with decision-making patent analytics to assist in making decisions at every stage of patent prosecution.  Use Patentprufer to leverage valuable information that other users have gained from first-hand experience working with patent examiners.  Patentprufer provides you with fast and convenient decision-making analytics to help you cut your patent prosecution costs.

Visit Patentprufer.com for more information!