Going Global with Attorney Heart Health Advocacy

Going Global with Heart Health Advocacy

Washington Lawyer Magazine features John Harrity, Co-Chair of the Lawyers Have Heart event for the American Heart Association.

When Harrity was asked to co-chair the race on its 30th anniversary in 2020, he thought it would be “a piece of cake.” “This is the easiest one to chair because it’s a big number anniversary,” he recalls thinking. “Then we had the pandemic.”

That did not stop Harrity and others at the AHA from spreading their message about the importance of physical and emotional health, especially during challenging times. The AHA originally planned on canceling the 2020 race, but Harrity had a better idea.

“I thought, ‘It’s always been a Washington, D.C., race. Why don’t we take it out of the D.C. area and not only go national but [also] global with it?’” Harrity says. “My vision for this event was to bring lawyers from around the globe together to focus on this thing that’s the number one killer, heart disease.”


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