Study Ranks Harrity as a Quality Leader in Patent Field

In a recently released evaluation of U.S. patent law firms, Harrity & Harrity, LLP emerged as a quality leader in the patent field.

“Quality is how we set ourselves apart from any other firm in the patent space. Since day one, we’ve had two core processes in place to ensure our work product consistently meets the highest quality standards,” says John Harrity, the Harrity’s managing partner. “These include systematically reviewing every attorney work product through a ‘Second Attorney Review (2AR)’ process before it goes out the door and adhering to a uniform writing style. The high ‘Quality Score’ ratings recently received from Patent Bots confirms we are upholding those standards.”

The study, conducted by patent proof-reading service Patent Bots, reviewed an entire year of issued U.S. patents from 802 law firms, then ranked the firms based on the average number of errors in each patent, published here.  Of those firms with at least 200 issued patents, Harrity & Harrity ranked #1 overall in terms of patent quality. Among all 802 firms reviewed, Harrity & Harrity ranked #2. These rankings are based on an average quality score of 98.931 for the 528 patents issued by Harrity between March 31, 2019 – March 31, 2020.

Harrity also ranked #1 in the following U.S. Patent Office Technology Centers: Tech Center 2100 (99.38 out of 100); Tech Center 2400 (99.92 out of 100); and Tech Center 3600 (99.41 out of 100). The firm ranked second in Tech Center 2600 (99.91 out of 100) and ninth in Tech Center 2800 (96.28).

Jeff O’Neill,  the CEO of Patent Bots, stated “Harrity’s top quality ranking is truly impressive, and Harrity is to be commended for its commitment to providing top quality work for its clients.”

In addition to landing at the top of the Patent Bots rankings, Harrity was recently recognized on the 2020 IAM Patent 1000 list, an annual compilation of the world’s leading patent professionals, as a “highly recommended” firm for patent prosecution.

The online edition of the release noted, “It is simply amazing what Harrity & Harrity has been able to achieve in the patent space by applying a carefully thought-out lean manufacturing style system to file vast numbers of patents while maintaining quality of the highest order. Clever use of automation and a uniform writing style play into its efficiency, while a rigorous second-attorney review system helps to set the quality bar high.”

From a client perspective, according to the IAM release, Harrity’s “reasonable pricing and outstanding customer service” are notable differentiators, as is the firm’s timeliness, noting, “When an emergency project needs to be completed quickly and done right, it is the only firm to turn to.”

A variety of factors contribute to Harrity’s ability to file top-quality patent after patent, including a unique, uniform writing style, separate teams for drafting and prosecuting applications, a thorough hiring process that brings in top-talent attorneys and support staff from across the nation, a superb training and mentoring program and a rewarding compensation model, and the emerging use of automation software in the patent process.


About Harrity & Harrity, LLP:

Harrity & Harrity, headquarted in Fairfax, Va., is a leading patent preparation and prosecution firm specializing in the electrical and mechanical technology areas. Our clients trust in our high-quality work, experienced people, industry-leading innovation, and outstanding service. Harrity actively promotes diversity and inclusion at the firm and throughout the legal industry, with an additional focus on giving back to the community through Harrity 4 Charity. Visit us online at