Diversity Dialogue | Diversity in Innovation Webinar

Harrity Partner and Diversity Co-Chair Elaine Spector meets with Diversity thought-leaders Charu Kurani of Facebook, Scott Barker of Micron, and Sandra Nowak of 3M to discuss the landscape of diversity in innovation and how to overcome gender and racial barriers in this interactive and thought-provoking webinar.

Questions covered in this discussion include:

  • There is clear evidence that women and diverse groups are underrepresented in patents compared to their presence in the workforce.  Why does diversity in innovation matter?
  • Some resources have identified a number of causes for disparity in innovation, such as the pipeline, a leaky pipeline, and a lack of engagement. What have you found at your respective companies to be the biggest issue with regard to disparity in innovation?
  • Diversity of Innovation is a complex problem. How did you go about addressing the issue within your company?
  • Have you seen progress from your efforts?  Are there areas you still need to work on?  What key initiatives have you implemented?
  • What recommendations would you give a company who is just beginning the process?
  • Are there resources you found helpful, such as the Gender Diversity in Innovation Toolkit, developed by the IPO Women in IP Committee?
  • How can your approved law firms support you in the process?
  • Are there specific questions they should be asking during the inventor interview process?
  • What is one thing our audience can do as a result of our amazing discussion?

You can watch the full session below.


To learn more about Harrity’s diversity efforts, visit harrityllp.com/diversity. For more diversity resources, including all Diversity Dialogue webinars, check out The Diversity Channel.