Leveraging the Patent 300® Dashboard for Competitive Intelligence

The Patent 300® Dashboard, created by Harrity Patent Analytics, is a powerful patent analytics tool that provides valuable insights into competitive intelligence. It offers a comprehensive view of patent portfolios, prosecution metrics, and technology areas, enabling companies and law firms to make informed decisions and strategic adjustments.

One of the key features of the Patent 300® Dashboard is its ability to provide a high-level view of a company’s patent portfolio. For example, by examining IBM’s portfolio, we can see the overall rank, the percentage of patents obtained, the overall pendency, and the total number of patents. The dashboard also provides a breakdown of the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) subclasses, giving a clear picture of the technology areas where the company is patenting.

The dashboard also allows for competitive analysis. By selecting a specific technology area, such as transmission of digital information, we can see who the company is competing against from a patent perspective. This feature allows companies to benchmark their statistics against those of the technology field, providing insights into their performance from a patent prosecution perspective.

Another powerful feature of the Patent 300® Dashboard is the ability to analyze law firm performance. Companies can benchmark the performance of law firms working for them, identifying areas of practice where some firms’ stats are higher than others. This can help companies decide who should handle the next case and understand how law firms are practicing.

The Patent 300® Dashboard also provides insights into costs. By customizing costs based on what a company pays for various patent prosecution activities, the dashboard can calculate the actual prosecution history of patents and determine where the costs are. This can help companies benchmark the relative costs of their firms and decide where to allocate their budget more effectively.

The dashboard also offers a portfolio gap analysis feature. This allows companies to compare their patent portfolios side by side from a CPC perspective. This feature can be used for licensing purposes, pre-litigation analysis, and mergers and acquisitions analysis.

The Patent 300® Dashboard additionally provides examiner and art unit statistics, giving a high-level view of examiner and art unit statistics in all prosecution areas. This can be particularly useful for law firms wanting to understand how they are performing in specific technology areas.

Another useful feature of the dashboard is that it provides insights into maintenance fees. Companies can see where the costs are in their patent portfolio and compare their maintenance fee strategies with competitors. This can help companies adjust their maintenance fee strategies and manage their patent portfolio more effectively.

Overall, the Patent 300® Dashboard is a powerful tool for gaining competitive intelligence. It provides a wealth of information that can help companies and law firms make informed decisions and strategic adjustments. Whether you’re looking to understand your patent portfolio, benchmark your performance against the field, analyze law firm performance, manage costs, or gain insights into maintenance fees, the Patent 300® Dashboard has you covered. Check it out now at https://harrityllp.com/patent300!

See a detailed tutorial on using the Patent 300® Dashboard for Competitive Intelligence in the video below: