What tools can I use to make more informed maintenance fee decisions?

As an in-house counsel, patent maintenance fee strategy is a crucial aspect of the role. Careful consideration must be given to decisions about which patents to maintain and when to pay maintenance fees, as they can greatly impact the value of the portfolio. To ensure that informed decisions are made, various tools are utilized by in-house counsel in the management of their patent portfolios.

One tool that is commonly used is a competitor benchmarking analytics report. These reports provide an in-depth view of the historical maintenance fee payments of competitors in a particular industry. The information gathered from these reports can give in-house counsel a clear understanding of the typical amounts and timing of maintenance fees, enabling them to compare their fees with those of their competitors. This comparison can lead to the identification of opportunities for cost savings or strategic investments, providing an advantage to the company.

Another tool that can be utilized is a lapsed patent analytics report. This type of report highlights patents or technology areas where maintenance fees have not been paid, bringing attention to lapsed patents and the potential loss of patent protection. The report provides an in-depth view of the status of each patent, allowing in-house counsel to make informed decisions about which patents to maintain and which to let expire. This information also helps in-house counsel prioritize spending and protect their company’s patent rights, ensuring that their portfolio remains strong and valuable.

Through the use of these tools, in-house counsel are able to take control of their patent maintenance fee strategy and make confident decisions to maximize the value of their company’s patent portfolio. The effective management of patent portfolios is essential for in-house counsel and various solutions are available to assist in this endeavor.

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