Diversity Dialogue | Strategies for Moving the Needle with Respect to Diversity of the Patent Bar

The first Diversity Dialogue webinar in a series of diversity-focused discussions hosted by Harrity’s Elaine Spector features HP’s Shruti Costales and MCCA’s Sophia Piliouras as panelists and covers challenging topics associated with increasing diversity in the patent field.

Some of the questions covered during the panel discussion include:

  • What is one action step patent professionals can take today to improve diversity for the Patent Bar? 
  • What do you think is the greatest issue affecting diversity in general? 
    Is it appropriate to apply the Mansfield Rule to the patent bar?
  • What alternative strategies do you believe would be helpful for moving the needle in the patent bar?  
  • Why do you think women and other diverse groups are not pursuing degrees/careers in the field?  And more!

Watch the full webinar below:


For more information regarding our diversity initiatives, visit harrityllp.com/diversity.  To see more diversity and inclusion resources, visit The Diversity Channel.