Visual Capitalist Features Patent 300® by Harrity Analytics

Visual Capitalist is one of the fastest growing online publishers globally, focused on topics including markets, technology, energy and the global economy, making data more accessible through infographics that simplify the high volume of data sources and show readers the bigger picture.

Harrity is honored to be featured in one of the latest Visual Capitalist’s datastreams, Visualizing Companies with the Most Patents Granted in 2021, by Raul Amoros.

“Companies around the world invest billions in R&D to provide cutting-edge innovation to their products and services. In order to protect these investments, companies apply for patents. Therefore, the number of utility patents a company is granted can be considered a rough measure of its level of innovation.

Every year, the Patent 300 List identifies America’s most innovative companies within the intellectual property space by analyzing the patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

In 2021, the USPTO granted a total of 327,798 utility patents, down 7% from the previous year. Let’s take a look at which companies generated the most patents in 2021.”

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