Diversity Dialogue Presents “Confidence Through Your Closet: Spreading Holiday Cheer & Being the Best You in the New Year”

Diversity Dialogue Host Elaine Spector is joined by Wardrobe Stylist and Confidence Curator Melanie Lippman for this special holiday-themed networking event aimed at improving confidence among women attorneys through simple adjustments to daily routines.

During this session, Melanie will teach you what to wear, how to wear it, where to find it, when to save and when to splurge. By editing your wardrobe and identifying the pieces that make the most impact on your look with minimal reinvestment, you can have less frustration and more confidence.

With video calls consuming more of our every-day life interactions, Melanie will focus on statement pieces that fit into curating your professional persona online, what to wear to that virtual holiday party, the perfect gift guide, and how to “own your box” on a group video meeting.


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