Harrity Launches Vlog on Prosecution Best Practices

Harrity & Harrity, LLP, a leading patent preparation and prosecution firm based in Fairfax, Va., is excited to announce the launch of a new video blog series, The Precise Prosecutor.

The Precise Prosecutor consists of quick, practical tips and best practices for efficiently prosecuting high-quality patent applications. Brought to you by Harrity Counsel and IP matters expert George Howarah, the vlog is released each Friday across Harrity’s social media channels and its webpage, harrityllp.com/the-precise-prosecutor.

Howarah, a patent attorney for nearly a decade, leverages his wide variety of experience, use of automation tools, and best practices knowledge to strategize and prosecute litigation-ready patent applications in sophisticated technologies. His diverse background provides for interesting insights and well-thought-out guidance shared exclusively in his Precise Prosecutor videos.

After graduating from law school, Howarah spent three years as a patent examiner at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, examining hundreds of patent applications, learning how examiners operate, and facing a wide range of practices from outside counsel. Since then, he has spent almost a decade in private practice working with a wide range of clients on various technologies, including telecommunications, computer architecture, virtualization, integrated circuits, software as a service, semiconductors, medical devices, and sophisticated computer applications.

In doing so, Howarah has prepared and prosecuted a substantial volume of patent applications, including managing a global patent portfolio of 500+ patent assets for one of the world’s most innovative organizations.

“I have been involved in all facets of the patent process, including patent preparation, examination, prosecution, and litigation,” Howarah says of his experience. “I have prepared and prosecuted hundreds of patents applications, including managing a global patent portfolio for a subsidiary of a Fortune 50 company, and preparing and prosecuting standard-essential patents for a leading telecommunications company.  I have opined on the enforcement and validity of patents and been deeply involved in several complex post-grant proceedings at the U.S. Patent Office and the Federal Circuit.  Accordingly, I have become aware of the issues that patent prosecutors and litigators encounter.”

Howarah is now looking forward to turning those experiences into actionable advice for followers of his vlog.

“I look forward to sharing the patent prosecution experience that I acquired from examining patent applications at the U.S. Patent Office and from patent procurement and litigation in private practice through The Precise Prosecutor. I hope to provide patent prosecutors with valuable tips on prosecuting patent applications precisely and efficiently while upholding the integrity of each invention and enhancing the quality of this unique practice of law.”

The Precise Prosecutor is the third vlog series to be released by Harrity, joining Neil Kardos’s Practical Patents, which focuses on best practices for drafting high-quality patent applications, and Driving Diversity, a short video series hosted by Elaine Spector on increasing diversity of the patent bar.

You can find each vlog series below:

The Precise Prosecutor: https://harrityllp.com/the-precise-prosecutor/

Practical Patents: https://harrityllp.com/practical-patents/

Driving Diversity: https://harrityllp.com/thediversitychannel/