Harrity Joins Google, Amazon, Meta & More in DEI Collective

Harrity & Harrity is excited to announce that we have partnered with Advancing Diversity Across Patent Teams (ADAPT) to bring standardization and transparency to how the patent profession measures diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and scale efforts to improve diversity of the patent bar.   

ADAPT is a collective of corporate legal teams, law firms and industry groups who have come together to address the lack of diversity in the IP profession, including LOT Network Inc., Amazon, Cruise, The Walt Disney Company, Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Uber. By spreading awareness of the issue, increasing accessibility to DEI resources and opportunities, and making it easier to participate in diversity efforts, ADAPT aims to significantly improve DEI in the intellectual property space.  

Harrity Analytics will work with data science teams from Google and other ADAPT members to conduct and publish accurate analysis of the diversity breakdown of the profession. With input from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Harrity and ADAPT aim to better visualize the DEI landscape of the talent pipeline, understand practical application of technical training for patent careers, better map out the career path for patent practitioners, and much more. ADAPT will open source the underlying data and methodology once established. 

Harrity is also collaborating with ADAPT on multiple diversity programs, removing barriers for external firms and individuals to participate in diversity efforts by creating volunteering and sponsorship opportunities and sharing templates to launch similar programs.   

“We are thrilled to be part of ADAPT, and to continue our work in tracking data statistics with regard to diversity of the patent bar,” shared Elaine Spector, Harrity Partner and Diversity Co-Chair. “This collaboration will build on our seminal work, published in ABA Landslide magazine, regarding demographics of the patent bar. It is so important that we understand whether our diversity efforts in the patent field are effective, and this collaboration will allow us to do so. It is critical to the US economy to have a diverse patent bar, so that we can expand diversity of innovation to underrepresented communities.”   

Through this collaboration, Harrity and the ADAPT consortium will create a network of practitioners passionate about improving diversity, provide insights on what the career path of an IP attorney can look like, and connect aspiring patent professionals with the organizations that can support them in their journey. This new partnership will be a huge step in changing the demographics of the patent bar to mirror those of our society, and Harrity is honored to be on the forefront of this transformation.  

Want to get involved? You can see our all of Diversity Initiatives here and join our Diversity Mentor Network here.

This week in Amazon Patents – 4/21/2020

Amazon innovates in a wide range of technology areas including e-commerce, logistics, uavs, robotics, networking, cybersecurity, cloud technology and more.  This week, I review the patents obtained by Amazon and summarize the technology areas covered by their patents, as well as, highlight one or two interesting technologies.

Weekly Summary

Amazon obtained 43 US utility patents and 3 US design patents.  Networking technology is the largest area with 9 patents, followed by virtual machines with 3.  There are several patents in the areas of uav/robot delivery and warehouse robots.  See table for a summary of the technologies where Amazon obtained patents.

Interesting Patent

One interesting patent this week is patent 10,628,790 titled “Automated floor expansion using an unmanned fiducial marker placement unit”.  This invention describes how an unmanned robot can expand the floor of a warehouse by placing fiducial markers on the floor instead of a human being having to place the markers on the floor.

Amazon continues to innovate by introducing automation and unmanned robots throughout the inventory management and logistics.

For more information about any of these technology areas or for a patent analysis on Amazon’s patent portfolio, please reach out to me via email at rberndsen@harrityllp.com.