Patent 300® Report Ranks Most Innovative Companies

WASHINGTON (February 13, 2020) Harrity Patent Analytics has released the much-anticipated publication of the annual Patent 300®.  The Patent 300® is a distinctive compilation of the top 300 companies, organizations, and universities in the patent field, based on quantities of issued U.S. utility patents.  It is considered the intellectual property industry’s premier resource for patent insight and competitive intelligence on the world’s leaders in technology.

Ranging from tech giants, such as IBM (#1) and Samsung (#2), to leading universities, like University of California (#67) and MIT (#121), and newcomers, including Nielsen (#207) and Pure Storage (#341), the Patent 300® represents 54 percent of the more than 350,000 U.S. utility patents issued in 2019.

Key findings and trends from the Patent 300® include:

  • A few notable mergers and divestitures occurred among Patent 300® companies in 2019:
    • IBM acquired Red Hat, further securing their place at the top of the list
    • Broadcom (#83) acquired CA, Inc., jumping from #118 last year to #83
    • Commscope (#89) acquired Arris, boosting them from #133 last year to #89
    • DowDuPont, #38 on the previous Patent 300® list, split into Dow (#96), DuPont (not ranked), and Corteva (#92)
  • Capital One (#79) jumped 127 spots on the list, more than tripling their issued patents from the previous year
  • 27 previously unranked organizations joined the Patent 300®, including Bristol Myers Squibb (#150), Tata Sons (#264), and Splunk (#269)
  • 20 previously ranked organizations dropped off the list, including Uber, Nintendo, and Symantec

This year’s Patent 300® includes an interactive dashboard in which users can filter data by technology area, art unit, and more.  The addition of this feature will allow in-house counsel, law firm partners, marketing professionals, and c-suite executives to quickly generate insight into patent portfolios, competitors, and technology areas.

“The interactive Patent 300® dashboard is an exciting new addition to the Patent 300® this year”, says Rocky Berndsen, Head of Patent Analytics at Harrity.  “This tool gives you the ability to easily find detailed patent prosecution metrics on thousands of companies and law firms with a few clicks of the mouse.”

The ranking of the top 300 companies, organizations and universities and interactive dashboard can be found HERE.

Access to the Patent 300® Premium Interactive Dashboard is available upon request.

About Harrity Patent Analytics

Harrity Patent Analytics, a team of professionals within the boutique IP law firm of Harrity & Harrity, LLP, uses cutting-edge capabilities to analyze patent data and extract insights for strategic decisions regarding patent portfolios.  Patent 300® companies rely on Harrity Patent Analytics services to better understand their own patent portfolios, those of their competitors, their key technology areas, and to keep track of patent office trends around the world.  For more information, visit