Harrity IAM Patent 1000

Harrity Receives Highest Ranking in IAM Patent 1000 Guide

Harrity & Harrity is pleased to announce that the firm was ranked in the elite “Highly Recommended” category by IAM Patent 1000: The World’s Leading Patent Professionals for prosecution firms in the Washington, D.C. metro area. The eighth edition of the IAM Patent 1000 guide lists the world’s leading patent experts and identifies only a few as “highly recommended” in instances where firms receive significantly greater positive feedback.

IAM writes:

“Fully deserving its promotion to the IAM Patent 1000 highly recommended tier for prosecution, Harrity & Harrity is a top performer in the patent field. It ensures consistent high quality by performing legitimate second-attorney reviews on every patent application and does this without ever missing a deadline.”

“Paul Harrity is extremely process oriented and has amazing attention to detail. He is doing a lot of interesting things in the practice – tracking examiner trends, for example – and the work he does helps his clients make the best decisions possible.”

“The two brothers have the firm way ahead of the curve when it comes to the development of disruptive technology for the patent field; their software development team has stepped up its efforts around machine learning prediction models and process efficiency, so watch this space.”

As one of the most respected guides in IP law, the IAM Patent 1000 identifies the top attorneys, law firms and patent experts in key jurisdictions around the globe. The organization’s rigorous research process is conducted over five months and involves approximately 1,800 interviews with patent attorneys and in-house counsel. Only firms that stand out for their depth of expertise, market presence and level of work are listed in the IAM Patent 1000. For more information on the methodology click here.

Harrity Patent Analytics Releases 2018 Top Patent Firms List

WASHINGTON (February 21, 2019) – Harrity Patent Analytics is pleased to announce the publication of its annual list of top patent law firms. The 2018 edition of “Top Patent Firms” ranks the top patent law firms based on the total number of U.S. utility patents issued in 2018.

“In 2018, more than 300,000 patents were obtained by over 2,000 different law firms,” said Paul Harrity, a partner at Harrity & Harrity, the parent law firm of Harrity Patent Analytics. “Our goal is to raise awareness of the top law firms handling patent work in the U.S., and recognize the professionals that play a vital role in protecting intellectual property.”

Top Patent Firms only names patent firms that have obtained at least 50 utility patents where the patent firms are listed on the front of the utility patents. Company legal departments are not eliminated during data analysis.

The 2018 list is comprised of 722 total law firms. The full list is available here  https://harrityllp.com/services/patent-analytics/top-patent-firms-2018/.

About Harrity Patent Analytics

Harrity Patent Analytics, an analytical team within the boutique IP law firm of Harrity & Harrity, LLP, uses cutting-edge capabilities to analyze patent data and extract insights for clients to use when making strategic decisions regarding patent portfolios. Patent 300™ companies rely on Harrity Patent Analytics services to understand their patent portfolios, the patent portfolios of their competitors, and patent office trends around the world. For more information, visit harrityllp.com/services/patent-analytics/.

Download full press release HERE.

Top Patent Firms 2018

Harrity & Harrity is Named to the 2018 IAM Patent 1000 List

Harrity & Harrity has been named to the 2018 IAM Patent 1000, along with partners John Harrity and Paul Harrity.  According to the publication, “As well as in preparation and prosecution, Harrity & Harrity excels at competitive intelligence and pre-litigation patent analysis.  It delivers high-quality results promptly and within budget and can handle any type of technology and any degree of complexity in invention disclosures with ease.”

Read our profile in its entirety HERE.


Top Patent Firms 2018

Top Patent Firms List 2017

By Paul Harrity, Rocky Berndsen, Jaclyn Jones & Matthew Maslink

Harrity Patent Analytics compiled a list of the top patent firms that are ranked based on the total number of U.S. utility patents that issued in 2017 where the patent firms were listed on the front of the utility patents. We have included only patent firms that have obtained at least 50 utility patents. We made an attempt to correct for typographical errors. We did not eliminate company legal departments from the list.


Top Patent Firms Badge 2017, Harrity

Top Patent Firms 2018

Top Patent Firms for 2016

By Paul Harrity & Anna Yee (Originally published by IP Watchdog)

We compiled a list of the top patent firms that are ranked based on the total number of U.S. utility patents that issued in 2016 where the patent firms were listed on the front of the utility patents. We have included only patent firms that have obtained at least 50 utility patents. We made an attempt to correct for typographical errors. We did not eliminate company legal departments from the list.

For the list from last year see: Top Patent Firms for 2015.



Harrity Cybersecurity

Harrity Ranked as Top Firm in Cybersecurity by Juristat

September 21, 2016 – Harrity is ranked in the top 3 of firms prosecuting patent applications in the cybersecurity technology area, as ranked by Juristat.

All firms on the list have had at least 100 disposed applications in the relevant art units during the 10-year period between 2006 to 2015 and are ranked by allowance rate.

Click HERE to read the complete article by Juristat.

Harrity IAM Patent 1000

Harrity Recognized by IAM Patent 1000 2016

Harrity & Harrity, LLP has been recognized by IAM Patent 1000 as one of the world’s leading patent firms in patent prosecution for the second consecutive year.

“Harrity & Harrity is a go-to when it comes to having high-quality patent applications drafted and pending applications prosecuted efficiently. It employs a uniform writing style for applications and responses that is well thought out, and tried and tested at the USPTO – it makes for clearly written, well-organised applications that robustly cover the most important aspects of any invention. It also reduces any rejections that could be attributed to an examiner’s lack of understanding of the invention. The team is very proactive in conducting interviews with examiners, which helps to expedite the allowance of cases. It can quickly and proficiently perform intelligence analyses, which provide real insights into what competitors are doing and how you stack up against them; with this sort of information, you can refine your patenting efforts to best protect your most important technologies.” “One of John Harrity’s strongest attributes is his fast turnaround time on any piece of work – you never have to pester him as to where a matter stands in terms of completion. In fact, he routinely delivers ahead of schedule, while keeping the quality at a very high level. His squad doesn’t have any weak attorneys from a skill set standpoint – they are all easy to deal with and very clear communicators.” “Paul Harrity goes above and beyond of his own volition and is very sharp at tracking examiner behaviour, so he can make informed recommendations about how best to proceed. He is absolutely stringent about quality and is very dedicated.” “We consistently get high praise from our inventor community for what he does,” adds one respondent.

Click HERE to see Harrity & Harrity’s listing on the 2016 IAM Patent 1000 list.

John Harrity, Harrity Team

John Harrity Receives Client Choice Award

Established in 2005, Client Choice recognizes those law firms and partners around the world that stand apart for the excellent client care they provide and the quality of their service. The criteria for this recognition focus on an ability to add real value to clients’ business above and beyond the other players in the market. Uniquely, law firms and partners can only be nominated by corporate counsel.

The Client Choice website is a fully searchable online resource, listing partners and law firms that have been recognized by their clients for the quality of their service, and includes quotes from satisfied customers in the ‘What clients said’ section. Our extensive research has been specially designed to assist clients in finding the best lawyers for client service worldwide, and to facilitate referrals between client service-focused law firms.

To learn more about Client Choice, visit www.clientchoice.com/