Eli Mazour on The Art of SEP Claim Drafting: SEP Couch Podcast

In a recent episode of the SEP Couch Podcast, Eli Mazour, Partner at Harrity and head of our Prosecution Team, shared his insights on the complex world of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs). The conversation revolved around the intricacies of patent drafting, the unique nature of SEPs, and the challenges faced by innovators in the current patent landscape.

In the episode, Eli emphasized the importance of understanding the complexity of SEPs. He explained that SEPs are not just about the technology they cover, but also about how they map to the standards. This mapping is a complex process that critics often overlook.

The conversation also touched on the increasing volume of SEPs due to the complexity and size of modern technologies like 5G. Eli noted that there’s more SEP activity because there are more inventions happening. He also highlighted the trend of implementers trying to obtain more SEPs, with companies like Apple and Google building up 5G teams.

Also discussed are the threats posed by third parties challenging patents, a practice made possible by the American Invents Act. He expressed concern about the impact on independent inventors, as it makes it harder to enforce patents. He also questioned the value of these third party challenges, suggesting that it increases transaction costs and diverts resources from innovation.

The podcast also delved into the proposed European Commission regulation to set up a register for SEPs. Eli expressed skepticism about the feasibility and effectiveness of such a register, given the complexity of determining essentiality and the potential for data manipulation.

In his advice to in-house counsel and outside counsel, Eli stressed the importance of not getting stuck in “zombie mode” and continuing to obtain patents in the same way as in the past. Instead, he urged them to think about the best way to build a patent portfolio with valuable patents in a cost-effective manner, in line with where technology and patent law are heading.

The podcast provides a deep dive into the world of SEPs, highlighting the complexities and challenges involved. It underscored the need for a nuanced understanding of SEPs and a strategic approach to patent portfolio building in the face of evolving technology and legal landscapes.

Listen to Eli’s full episode on the SEP Couch Podcast with Tim Pohlmann below for a deeper understanding of SEPs and the evolving patent landscape:

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Sandra Maxey Featured on World of Marketing Podcast

Harrity’s Firm Controller, Sandra Maxey, was featured on Foster Web Marketing’s World of Marketing Podcast! Along with host, Tom Foster, Sandy discusses her snowbird lifestyle, her proudest moments, meditation, and why she regrets jumping out of an airplane!

You can listen to the full interview here!

“Best Practices for Patent Quality” Webinar Features Patent Expert Elaine Spector

Best Practices for Patent Quality
Webinar Hosted by Patent Bots and Harrity & Harrity, LLP
Join leading patent attorneys from Harrity & Harrity (Elaine Spector), McDermott Will & Emory (Bernie Codd), Holland & Hart (Michael Drapkin), and Patent Bots (Jeff O’Neill) as they explore best practices in the processes, tools, and metrics underlying higher patent quality.
Questions covered in this webinar include:
  1. What are you doing at your firm to ensure that your clients are getting a high-quality work product?
  2. What is the metric that you use to gauge quality?
  3. Are you tracking anything relating to quality on an individual attorney basis?
  4. What tools do you use in relation to quality?
  5. Are your quality processes today the same as they were 5 years ago and if not, how have they changed?
  6. When do you use tools like PatentBots, Patent Draftr, ClaimMaster, and Patent Optimizer?
  7. How are you using examiner analytics in patent prosecution to improve quality?
  8. Whose work is reviewed and who is reviewing it?
  9. Are all clients work reviewed and if not why not?
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To see more tips for achieving patent quality, visit our Practical Patents page.


Tech Transfer IP | Prosecuting Patent Applications with Elaine Spector

Prosecuting Patent Applications with Elaine Spector
Lisa L. Mueller
Lisa L. Mueller | June 23 2021

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Welcome to another episode of Tech Transfer IP. Today I am pleased to speak with Elaine Spector. Elaine is a patent attorney with Harrity & Harrity with over twenty year’s experience in intellectual property law. Elaine’s current practice consists primarily of prosecuting patent applications with a focus on electromechanical technologies.

Before joining Harrity & Harrity, Elaine worked in private practice for over fifteen years handling various intellectual property matters, including patent application drafting and prosecution, trademark prosecution and enforcement and litigating complex patent cases in federal courts. Her extensive litigation experience provides her with a unique perspective in prosecuting patent applications.

Listen as Elaine shares some key differences between working in a University Tech Transfer office and working in a law firm. She also talks about the Rooney Rule and how Hannity has improved it by making it Rooney Rule 2.0, and how the Rooney Rule is different from the Mansfield Rule.

Elaine discusses her company’s rigorous hiring process to remove bias, the factors that contribute to the problem of having a small amount of diverse individuals in the legal profession, and the programs her office has launched to help bring more women into her firm, like the Annual Women’s Patent Law Workshop and the Minority Firm Incubator Program to name a few.

Elaine shares some suggestions for small firms that might struggle to develop diversity and inclusion procedures, standards, and programs. She says that reaching out is one action step patent professionals can take to improve diversity for the Patent Bar.

In This Episode:

  • [02:26] Welcome to the show, Elaine!
  • [02:48] Elaine shares her career journey from a University Tech Transfer office to a law firm.
  • [06:16] She worked at John Hopkins Technology Transfer, which later changed its name to Tech Ventures.
  • [06:46] What are some of the key differences between working in a University Tech Transfer office and working in a law firm?
  • [09:18] Elaine discusses the Rooney Rule 2.0 and how Harrity takes the rule even further.
  • [10:28] How is the Rooney Rule different from the Mansfield Rule?
  • [12:39] Elaine doesn’t believe that the “Heavy Stick” approach suggested by some corporations will be effective in helping meet diversity requirements.
  • [15:01] Elaine speaks about her company’s rigorous hiring process and how it removes the likelihood of bias.
  • [17:20] Can you tell us about the factors contributing to the problem of not enough diverse individuals in the legal profession?
  • [20:01] Elaine discusses Harrity’s office’s Annual Women’s Patent Law Workshop.
  • [21:46] Elaine discusses another program Harrity has recently developed which is training women and helping them pass the writing part of their application process.
  • [22:31] Elaine shares some other programs her firm has that focus on diversity and inclusion.
  • [24:28] Elaine speaks about the Minority Firm Incubator Program they are launching.
  • [27:39] Harrity has launched a diversity channel this year with a weekly vlog.
  • [28:58] How does your diversity committee handle these programs?
  • [31:01] Elaine shares some suggestions for small firms that might struggle to develop diversity and inclusion procedures, standards, and programs.
  • [33:04] Elaine believes the changes proposed by USPTO will help with gender diversity, and she shares some other degrees that should be included.
  • [35:05] What is the one action step patent professionals can take today to improve diversity for the Patent Bar?

To learn more about Harrity’s diversity efforts, visit harrityllp.com/diversity. For more diversity resources, including all Driving Diversity episodes, check out The Diversity Channel.